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How I work..

The counselling method I use is Emotion Focused Therapy. It is ‘client centred’, which means I listen with respect and positive regard (i.e. in a supportive manner). I make no assumptions or judgements, and treat you as an individual with an important personal history. see The Benefits

I support you throughout the process. In the counselling session you can expect to be treated with empathy, respect and non-judgement while we explore your concerns, and experiences. I work with you to understand your issue/s and individual needs.  Help and support is offered for Anxiety, Trauma, Loss and Grief, Life change and related issues. see My Approach.

The counselling sessions are confidential – see my FAQ page for more details.

What you can expect in a counselling session:

  • You are listened to without judgement and with positive regard.
  • At different times I will ask questions to help me understand better. 
  • Emotion Focused counselling is not just Talking therapy. If you want, the process will gently take us further as we work with the unconscious.
  • Even though we may talk of the past, I work with what you are feeling and experiencing now.
  • If you do wish to say something, but it is difficult to do so, then we carefully and gently explore it.
  • You are not obliged to answer any question I may ask, or to follow a direction you do not wish to pursue.
  • We may discover patterns and clarity as we progress at your pace. In time, becoming more aware of what is happening for you.
  • I have techniques which may help if blocks prevent you and me from seeing past a certain point. I explain how they work so you can decide if you wish to try them.

You are an individual with your own history, therefore the sessions are tailored to your needs.

Emotion Focused counselling is not a quick fix. Positive change however may be noticed within a short time. (Beware of claims offering quick psychological fixes).

Some of the techniques I can use are: focusing methds, mindful/awareness development, visualisations, pattern recognition, dream analysis and myth work.