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Providing a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to support you and help achieve your goals.

Inner Reaches Counselling

Jean-Marc is a Transpersonal counsellor

Jean-Marc Micallef - Counsellor

A Warm Welcome to Inner Reaches Counselling

Inner Reaches Counselling provides an Online video counselling service for people seeking help with personal issues such as anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, loneliness, grief and life changes. It assists with personal improvement, self-understanding and seeking meaning.

Together we can work to bring about positive change, and create opportunities for achieving your goals. 

My Approach

The counselling I provide is client-centred. I listen to you with positive regard, and our sessions are confidential. I can use Emotion Focused methods to gently explore the source of the issue. More info here.

Counselling can help with

Anxiety and Stress

Alleviate anxiety and panic attacks so you can acheive more, better relate to family, friends and colleagues, improve energy and enjoy life more. More info here.


Self-esteem levels can be transient and volatile, counselling can help strengthen your confidence, resilience and self-worth. More info here.


The Counselling can support you in finding a way through, acknowledging the pain and addressing the underlying emotions.  More info here.


Trauma is ‘locked’ into our body and can prevent us from experiencing life fully. More info here

Life Changes

Emotion Focused counselling offers assistance with personal issues and helps explore your aspirations, meaning and purpose. More info here.

Loss and Grief

It is a shared human experience that connects us all. Emotion Focused counselling brings understanding, honours the loss and offers you support. More info here.