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Feeling depressed or ‘down’ can prevent us from achieving what we want or need.

It can weighs us down, sap our energy, block us, strain our relationships with family, friends and colleagues, and negatively colour our general outlook.

There is a reason for suffering the way you do, it does not just occur.

Counselling can help you move forward and put you on the path of re-connection and fulfilment.

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You may recognise some of the feelings and emotions it brings in the list below:

  • Persistent sadness.
  • Feeling tired.
  • Feeling alone, abandoned and uncared for.
  • Feeling Emptiness and loss.
  • An overwhelming sense of hopelessness.
  • Powerless, defeated and trapped.
  • No passion, loss of energy and drive.
  • There is no ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel.
  • No meaning, no purpose, nothing to look forward.
  • A numb feeling towards family and loved ones.
  • No enjoyment only a sense of despair.

I realise that words alone cannot convey the real pain, therefore know that you are not alone. Exploration of the issue and gentle bringing of awareness to the underlying emotions can heal the hidden thoughts and beliefs which feed these depressive feelings.

As the issues are managed and reduced, you may feel like we removed a weight, and find opportunities and possibilities open up for you. You begin to reclaim life, breath in hope and watch the sunrise.

Note: Since some of these feelings can also affect us physically (e.g. such as chronic tiredness) you may wish to check this with your health professional as well. Being tired can happen for both psychological and physiological reasons.

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