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Person-centred counselling is a non-directive approach that considers the client to have the resources and innate ability to make changes in his or her life given the right circumstances and support; which the counsellor provides.
The counsellor provides empathy, positive regard and a supportive, caring, understanding in a non-judgmental environment so that the client can feel safe discussing the problem.
The client is not told what to do and the issue(s) is approached and explored when the client is ready.

There is a guide on what to do here.

You decide, you may have long, short or immediate concerns that we can explore.
We explore these ‘issues’ together at your pace, I am there with you, to support and provide a safe place where you can feel free to talk about an issue when you are ready.
There are different ways to approach and explore the issues. We only use them if they can be useful to help us move forward and you are comfortable with them.
My role being to guide, assist and support you. for more info see – How I work 

This is up to you to decide. We can work short, medium and long term. We may agree to meet for a few sessions and then review how things are progressing. It is important however to realise that lasting improvement is difficult to achieve in just a couple of sessions.

A session lasts between 50 and 55 minutes. The remainder of the hour is to undate and review any notes. 

Yes, client confidentiality is maintained at all times following Holistic Therapists Australia  (HTA –  professional association) guidelines and Victorian Health Privacy Principle (an official extract from Health Records Act 2001). Any notes I take (as is general practice) are to help me follow your story, and do not have your name on them.

I run the sessions using the ‘Client Centred’ approach, you will not have to go in any direction you do not wish too.

No, I will not tell you what to do. Counselling is about helping you find what is best for you. We can of course discuss any situations and issues which are relevant. As the counselling progresses, understanding increases, which helps you make decisions.