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The Transpersonal

The Transpersonal Concept.

As mentioned on the Home page, the Transpersonal is a collection of ideas and concepts. It is not a philosophy or system, though the ideas suggest a person is more than the sum of their parts.

i.e. As human beings, we are mind-body and that which is ‘intangible’, or difficult, if not impossible, to describe.

It is interested in, to a large extent with, that ‘part’ of us not in our conscious awareness and therefore a mystery to us. Yet having an immense influence on our decisions and responses throughout our life.

The Transpersonal acknowledges and integrates aspects of the rich tapestry of cultural wisdom from ancient and indigenous societies, and more recent concepts and understanding of the human psyche.


The term ‘intangible’ used here respectfully includes all approaches to the deeper aspects of what makes up a human being. It does not restrict us to one viewpoint on why we are more than the ‘sum of our parts’. The Transpersonal approach shapes a broad, inclusive picture (see below).

'Prefix - trans'

The ‘trans’ prefix of Transpersonal means ‘across’ or ‘beyond’, therefore the Transpersonal points to beyond the personal. This can confuse until we realise it means ‘beyond’ what we usually refer to as ‘me’ or the person who I want the world to see me as (the mask).

transpersonal meaning and purpose universal
Transpersonal concept and the intangible

The Broader Picture

When the terms ‘intangible’ and ‘beyond’ are associated, one may see that the Transpersonal outlook reaches beyond the physical and the mind, to a broad picture. i.e. spirituality (including humanist, and atheistic spirituality), intuition, the unconscious, alternative states of being and of consciousness.

In acknowledging the wisdom of ancient and indigenous cultures, the Transpersonal (approach) respectfully enquires into the underlying processes of myths, symbols, rituals, alchemy, journeying, and other practises and beliefs. The unseen aspects of which provide more insight, knowledge and understanding of ourselves (and humanity).

The Transpersonal is concerned with (but is not limited to) personal growth, life’s journey and, meaning and purpose.

Rather than trying to explain the many interconnected aspects (which are material for future articles), I have provided an example to show how transpersonal concepts relate to life’s journey.

The example uses as its basis a pattern found in the ancient mythical stories of many, if not all, cultures. This pattern applies to the areas of counselling, personal growth, seeking and, in a very visible form, as a template/guide for stories in movies (e.g. Star Wars), books, and other media.