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The Heros Journey

A Story to Tell.

The example is based on the ‘Hero’s Journey‘ model (using ‘hero’ in its gender-neutral form). I have modified it for simplicity.

Found in myths of every culture it follows a pattern – Stereo typically – A misfortune befalls the hero or their society. The hero/main character sets out on a quest to find and bring back a solution – whether it be an object (magic sword), person (warrior) or knowledge (counter-spell) to correct the misfortune and benefit the people. While on the journey (there and back), obstacles and dangers are encountered as challenges, which need to be overcome in order to succeed.

If the following seems strange or new it is because we have not thought about our life this way before …

Many of us have been exposed to the journey/life story of someone else. Books, television or online videos tell, or interview and show some ‘celebrity’s’ life as a journey or story. 

Within the Counselling context and with guidance, this form of story writing has therapeutic value.

Therefore…if life were to be seen in this manner, then our’s is also a story to tell (in our own way of course) with its challenges, trials, searching and successes. We would naturally be the main character in it.

To those reading this and seeking answers to questions about meaning and purpose, or feeling the must be more to life or out there – then you may recognise elements of the following (or not). . .

deck of cards - life deals out but we can chose

Life's Journey or Path

From the moment we are born, this external world brings us experiences. Some are positive and others negative. At some point in life we ask questions about our journey and direction. who we are and what we should be doing.

Asking questions about ourselves means we are embarking on a journey of self discovery, to heal the past and grow. The seeking of meaning and purpose and who we are, draws us along a path.

doorway appears giving opportunities to improve

A Doorway beckons

This path or journey presents doorways to us, (opportunities/directions) some we go through without a thought, others when we are ready or pushed through and some are just not the ones for us.

These doorways appear as opportunities, events, desires or a calling. They hint or lead to discover who we are. We feel uneasy or life has to be something more or we strike rock bottom and are forced to seek by necessity. 

forest path representing lifes path on the journey

Looking inside to awake

In order to see the external journey we may need to look at the internal or 'inner' landscape.

This is not to be cryptic. The journey leads to visiting our inner psyche. The saying ‘The answers lie within’ is apt. moving forward and not resisting can be a mysterious experience. 

path splitting into two - awarenes brings conscious choice of directions

Which direction to take?

There are lessons to be learnt along the way to clarify or cast light on the path and directions, though they do not necessarily tell us which is the one to choose in any moment.

Directions become visible as we grow in personal awareness and understanding. We begin to make more conscious choices. If we make a wrong turn we become able to learn about ourselves from the mistake.

the map is not the territiry - personal growth is experience

Walking the Territory

The Transpersonal journey is one of walking the territory or path not just looking at the map and pictures or reading about it as in a tourist guide.

Personal growth is a journey of being there and experiencing. It is ‘knowing’ the path, not just knowing ‘about’ the path.
It is a journey of the heart.

clock with no hands timeless personal growth

It cannot be planned

This process takes its own time - The transpersonal is not a goal: it is a journey and moves at its own pace. Sometimes things happen quickly, other times it feels slow.

Goals can be useful for things which have an end point. Growth however, is an ongoing adventure, you cannot force it, plan it or predict it, it happens..

transpersonal journey with beautiful destinations sign

As we move forward

As we move forward and become more 'balanced' (hopefully not misguiding ourselves into believing we are - a pitfall) we give back and enrich our surroundings.

It is a  journey of seeking – looking for answers and…. Yes….  there are traps, obstacles and losses which slow us down, however there are also allies to meet, victories, successes and sharing with others along the way.